If you’re trying to get pregnant, you’re probably more familiar with your cervical mucus than you’ve ever been. You have a BBT alarm set for 6am every morning. You’re counting the days since your last period in Glow or Fertility Friend. And you’re peeing on ALL THE STICKS.

Introducing the Ava Bracelet

There’s an easier way to track your fertility.

Ava is a fertility tracking sensor bracelet that was shown in clinical study to identify an average of five fertile days per cycle—doubling your chances to conceive. There’s no guesswork around timing intercourse or tracking ovulation. Wear Ava at night and the rest is taken care of—all that’s left for you to do is the baby dance.

Whether you’ve just started trying to conceive or your fertility journey is taking longer than you expected, Ava can help. It gives you the confidence to always know you’re trying at the right time, and the convenience to not have to think about it too much. Ava makes for a better, easier, more magical journey to conception for you and your partner.

With Ava, you can:

  • Double your chances to conceive every month
  • Get five fertile days per cycle
  • Enjoy your fertile window with your partner—no need to rush
  • Get data about your sleep quality, stress levels, and resting heart rate—before, during, and after pregnancy
  • Gain insight into your menstrual cycle

Get More Fertile Days with Ava

There is a big difference between projected fertile days and fertile days detected in real time. When you pee on a stick and get a positive result, that’s a real time fertile day. You have direct physical evidence that you’re fertile RIGHT NOW.

When you use an app to calculate your fertile days based on the date of your last period, or chart your basal body temperature, those are projected fertile days. If your cycle is perfectly regular, then you can rely on last month’s period or ovulation date to make an educated guess about this month’s fertile window. But fertility tracking apps are generally inaccurate. It’s hard to reach the level of consistency that the temperature method requires, and even then, it’s only accurate at predicting your fertile window if your cycles are regular.

Ava identifies an average of five fertile days per cycle in real time—more than any other method.

Tracking Ovulation Shouldn’t Be Hard

Here at Ava, our goal is to inform women of all their options when it comes to tracking fertile days and ovulation. But we’re struck by how little true innovation there’s been in this area over the past few decades. Most of the new products on the market are just easier ways to track basal body temperature, a method that’s been around since the 1920’s.

That’s why we decided to build something better. Our goal was to create a fertility tracking solution for women that’s just as advanced as all the other technology we use in our lives. Something that fits into your life and doesn’t add stress to what can be an already emotionally overwhelming time.